We talk like no one is listening except that we record it.

Andrey, Julien & Mathias have been working in the industry for over a decade, From the time before VM to today when we are leaving for the serverless.

Listen and write to us if you want to hear you favourite topic or struggling with a technology.

Julien Bisconti

software engineer who likes cloud thingy and automating everything

Andrey Denyatkin

Andrey is independent DevSecOps consultant and public speaker passionate about software development processes automation. During the years, Andrey has worked as a software developer, Build and Release engineer, SRE, architect for Continuous Integration and Delivery infrastructure for companies of different sizes and many industries.

Mattias Hemmingsson

Worked running webb service for over ten years. Certified Pentetser and Redhat Enginer now into cloud and k8s. And how you can build, secure and run apps in cloud and on prems