Podcast about DevSecOps


This time we are joined by Paul Stack (Pulumi developer, former Terraform developer) and podcast friend Jacob Lärfors to talk about

  • What is Pulumi?
  • What and who is it for?
  • The difference between Pulumi and Terraform (and if we should compare them at all)
  • What is hard about Pulumi?
  • What people ask the most? What are the common confusions?
  • Cross-language infra libraries? How is it even possible?!
  • Is there a possibility of a supply chain attack via Pulumi library?

How do you run Kubernetes in the cloud? Still using Kops? Or is it time to jump to the managed offerings? We go through the list of things you might be missing out on if not yet using a managed solution. Also, in this episode - what do you always configure in the k8s cluster? CNI, Ingress, IAM, and even more!

It’s been almost a year since we started the podcast, but we never took time to explain who we are and what problems we solve for our customers/employers. So in this episode, you will find more details about us and, as usual, references to useful tools, talks, and techniques.

AWS had a severe incident at the end of November. Kinesis in us-east-1 went dark for quite some time, and a ripple effect caused degradation of other services like CloudWatch, ECS, and others. As a Cloud Engineering practitioner, how do you get yourself and your organization ready for a such turn of events?

How to decommission resources from your cloud environment to keep it clean? What to do when a resource is created without being in the infrastructure code? Andrey is going through a checklist he uses to delete resources and the utility serverless functions he wrote. ArgoCD is a project that does GitOps and automatically delete resources in Kubernetes namespaces if they are not defined. We talked about the different layers of abstraction for infrastructure as code and where it makes sense to have a terraform controller in a Kubernetes cluster to manage the application dependencies.

Initially, we planned this episode as a discussion about HashiCorp Nomad and invited Jacob Lärfors. He recently published a great article about his experience working with Nomad (see link in the show notes). However, because of a few postponements, and with HashiConf that happened just a week ago, we decided to extend the podcast’s scope to go over all of the announcements that they did during the conference. So here it is - HashiConf special: all you need to know about everything that HashiCorp announced during the conference plus a discussion about Nomad!