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Ways To Protect Yourself From Data Breaches And Mitigate Consequences - ep.#24

Last week (week 6, 2021), seven data breaches were announced. In this episode, we discuss the possible scenarios for preventing attackers from getting a hold of your data, whether private or company data. And tips on how to mitigate the consequences of data leaks in cases when you have no control over data management (think of breach of 3rd party service).

We discuss

  • tips and services to mask your email and fight spam with random emails via catch-all feature
  • importance of disk encryption
  • recover from ransomware by using backups.
  • what to pay attention to avoid phishing emails.
  • covering your phone number by buying a phone number and forward it to yours.
  • use a credit card generator to avoid giving your real credit card to website that could get hacked. We outline workflows on using password managers, activate 2FA, YubiKeys, and encrypting sensitive information.

We also tell stories from the trenches about data breaches.

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